Libraries & Books: Concepts and Definitions

   Pathagoras follow a Libraries and Books' metaphor for storing and accessing documents and/or clauses used to create final documents. This metaphor is discussed and more fully illustrated at this link. Essentially the user (or system administrator) would create a 'Library' and assign up to up to 10 Books to that Library. In a classic setup, the Libraries bear names that reflect a general subject area (such as 'Estate Planning' and 'Domestic Relations'.) The various Books that the user would 'shelve' in the library would reflect more 'specific topics.'

   Your entry point for the 'classic' method of assembling a document starts with the Document Assembly (Libraries & Books) screen. (Click the Document Assembly button -- third button from the left -- to display the screen.)

   Conceptually, here is what several Libraries, each with several Books, might look like:

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   Once you have a document assembly objective, click the Document Assembly icon in the Word toolbar area. Select a library by dropping down the 'Current Library' dropdown. Then, with the desired Library selected, choose the type of document you wish to create by clicking the appropriate Book. When you see the clauses within the Book, select one, several, or all of the clauses you want for your final document. Click the 'Go' button and you are done. It is really that easy.

   Concepts to keep in mind: A Book is merely a pointer to the folder that you assign to a shelf. (Hover your mouse over a book and you'll see where it points.) A Library is simply a collection of those pointers.

  Illustration: The book 'Adoptions' in the Domestic Relations library example above points to the folder that contains your adoption documents and clauses. The name of the folder to which the book points is displayed when you hovering your mouse over the book name.


With the mouse hovering over a book,
the folder to which that book points displays.

   Neither the Adoptions Book or any other book is 'owned' by Pathagoras. Pathagoras simply uses what you have in place. (The 'Adoptions' folder pre-existed Pathagoras. Pathagoras doesn't require you to change a thing. Of course, it always is advisable to organize your documents in a logical structure within Word and Windows, but there is no requirement that you do so. Even dis-organized filing systems can be made much more accessible via the Libraries and Books system offered by Pathagoras.)

   Read more about the nuts and bolts of using the Libraries & Books screenage in the following pages.