Beginning with version 2022.15, you can modify the prompts that Pathagoras uses to ask the end user the default "How many" and "Choose one or more", etc., prompts.  

 To display the Local Settings screen, click: Pathagoras Setup (top half) | All Settings | Miscellaneous. Look for the Local Settings button in the button cluster in the lower left portion of the screen. You should see this screen:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Make changes as desired. The words you select in the Date Words and Repeat Text sections should be the exact replacement for the default terms (in English) that appear, including punctuation (but not quotes) -- or lack of punctuation..


Notes: This is a brand new function. Please send examples that failed to work as intended so we can get them fixed.

The Local Settings screen can also be accessed by typing 'local' to the editing screen and pressing <Alt-G> (for 'g'et). (The 'Local Settings' screen can be accessed from several other locations as well. If you see a 'Local Settings' button, it will take you to this screen.)

Right now, the routine will only work with Latin characters, left to right. BUT it is possible that we can adapt it to other languages.

You must still type the basic <<*Repeat*, <<Options* and <<*Optional* commands (and their corresponding <<*Asks interviews and arguments) in English, as shown in other examples in this Manual. These commands are not typically seen by the end user. The local language changes are primarily intended to provide the end user with 'questions' and 'prompts' in local language, and to provide proper results (i.e., the appropriate 'and' and 'or' connectors) for the ultimate recipient of the document.

The local language prompts are used for 'default' questions that are presented to the end user when a personalized prompt has not been provided. Pathagoras has always let you add personalized prompts in <<*Repeat and <<*Options and <<*Ask* commands using any appropriate language.