The new mail merge works with the 'simple options with groups' setup. Mark-up any paragraphs in your document that will be unique to a recipient (a company or other target audience) with with curly braces and the name(s) of the target recipients for whom that paragraph applies (or doesn't apply). If more than one target is listed, use a comma as a separator.

   At the very top of the document all of your potential targets (let's say a list of the target companies to whom you want letters set)  inside the command <<*MailMerge* . . . >>. Secondly, while the base document body is marked out with simple options blocks. you can list multiple groupnames within the !groupname! exclamation marks for whom that particular block of text would applies. Separate each company by commas. E.g., {!ABC, Johnson, East Coast!text text}; {!XYZ!text text}

   When you process the document, Pathagoras will generate a new base document, cycling through each member of the target group, and then, for each new letter, keeping the text designated for a particular 'company' and deleting text which did not apply.

   When an individual letter is complete, Pathagoras will save it under the name of the 'current' company for distribution when appropriate.



{!Google!Dear Googlemeister,}

{!Microsoft!Dear Bill,}

{!IBM,Adobe,Yahoo!To whom it may concern:}

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and keeping safe

{!Google!I really enjoy the cool active search bars that you are providing on your site.}

Technology is a wonderful thing, and the innovations that your company has offered are second to none. {!Microsoft,Google,Adobe!Your word processing products are some of the best out there.}

But the same can be said with regard to Pathagoras. It's innovations are second to none.

{!IBM!While you don't offer a document automation product, you still should read this letter.}

Yours truly,


         Pathagoras Petronis


When the list is long, listing all the 'positive' recipients can be tedious, and needlessly expands the footprint of the paragraph, and the document. You can mark a paragraph to be excluded for a select group of recipients. Just use the term *EXCLUDE* immediately before the list of target recipients. E.g.,

{!*EXCLUDE*Google,Yahoo!We are sending this letter because you are not a search engine.}


Note: The above colorings are for emphasis and readability only. Colorings are not required.