Pathagoras offers an additional document assembly tool designed especially for systems using the Prefix/Suffix Naming Style. All you need to do is to type a list of the suffixes of the desired clauses down the left margin of the page. Complete the list with the word "list" followed by a "." (dot) and the prefix for the system.

   In the example below, the prefix is 'con' for 'contracts'.



    Press <Alt-G> immediately after the closing line to assemble the designated clauses. Pathagoras will read up the list until it either finds a blank line or the top of the page. It will assign (in the background) the prefix (in this case, 'con') to each suffix. It will find each clause in the glossary or folder associated with the prefix.

   NOTE: It actually doesn't matter whether 'list' precedes or follows the prefix. So long as 'list' is in the closing line, Pathagoras will properly process it. So, in the above example, either 'list.con' or  'con.list' would have been appropriate.

   Of course, some will say "How on earth will I ever know the suffixes to type into the list?" The answer is found at under Printing a Checklist.