Pathagoras is a highly dynamic program. Every time you call for a display of a book in the Clause Selection Screen, Pathagoras will scan the contents of the book (i.e., the entire folder or glossary) anew. It will read both the name and subject of each clause. That way, Pathagoras can insure that every clause in the book (even ones that you may have just added) is always presented in the left panel.

    For large glossaries or folders with many documents, or if you have a relatively slow computer, the process of reading the names and subjects of each item in the book can take several seconds. If your glossary or folder of terms is large but stable (i.e., you are no longer adding terms to it), you should consider creating a 'Master Clause Table’ for that book.

   When Pathagoras detects the existence of a Master Clause Table, it will use that table to populate the left panel in the Clause Selection Screen, significantly speeding up the display of the Screen.

   To create a Master Clause Table:

1.Display the contents of the book to the Clause Selection Screen in the usual fashion.

2.Click the More>> button. This will reveal an additional set of options:

Click to expand.

3.Click the Master Clause Table button (the check-box reading 'Create' should be checked by default). Pathagoras will save a copy of the names and subjects of each item in the book into a separate file. It is this file that will be read to prepare the left panel list in the Clause Selection Screen.

You can delete the Master Clause Table, or recreate it, at any time.

Pathagoras signals that it is using a Master Clause Table to populate the left panel by displaying a boxed capital T in the lower right side of the Clause Selection Screen. If you think that there are items missing from the left panel, and if you see the boxed capital T, it is time to regenerate the table.

Note: If you add a new clause to a book after having created a Master Clause Table, be sure to update the table! Pathagoras is programmed with logic to check the count of items in the MCT against the actual number of items in the Book, but it is best not to depend upon that check.