Re-pointing after moving files

   As you build more and more libraries, and populate them with books, you may wish to better organize things at the Windows level. Perhaps you want to move your estate planning documents to a folder that is separate from your Real Estate clauses. Perhaps you want separate your Domestic Relations forms into separate 'Pleadings' and 'Agreements' folders. Perhaps you want to move files to your server, or into the cloud.

   Pathagoras encourages this kind of reorganization. To accomplish the moves, just use your normal Word/Windows tools. But when you finish, you need to make sure that the pointers you set in Pathagoras are still functional.

   If you move a book, you do need to make sure that the pointers reset to the new locations. Pathagoras has no way to know where you moved a particular book, so repointing must be performed manually.

   There are 5 pointers about which you need to be concerned when you move files. Not all will be relevant to your situation, but we list them all here. They constitute the common 'culprits' to look at if things are not working correctly. All are very easy to correct.

1.Document Assembly Settings: If you have moved one or more folders or glossaries containing your source text, repoint any books which referenced that text by following the steps outlined here.

2.Instant Database Files: If you want to sharing data among all users, you need to move the data records to a  common location. Once you have done so, follow the steps outlined here to point your system to that spot.

3.Prefix pointer settings: Pathagoras maintains a table pairing 'prefixes' with the folder or glossary assigned to that prefix. (Read more about the prefix/suffix naming convention here.) You can manually reset a prefix pointer via the 'Utilities/Settings | All Settings | Prefixes' screen. But let's assume that, following the steps in paragraph 1 above, you have reset your pointers to the various books which coincide with prefixes. A faster way to reset the prefix pointers may be to Display the Settings. Then, click the tab marked Prefix and click the Assign button. This will repoint all prefixes listed in the Library.

4.SuperBook: If the book you have moved is one of your SuperBooks ('SuperFolder' or 'SuperGlossary'), make sure that you re-point the SuperBook's setting to the new location. Display Utilities/Settings and select File Locations tab.  Click the black ‘Set’ button to the left of the box labeled SuperFolder or SuperGlossary. Follow the prompts to re-point the link.

5.DropDown Lists: If the folder or glossary is also reflected in a DropDown List, be sure to perform a «Replace» operation. «Replace» is found in the Other Setting and Actions screen found at the bottom of the DropDown List.

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