To Move a document using SaveSmart, the SaveSmart icon;

2.type the name of your document in the text box toward the top/left of the screen; the <Move> button to save the document.

4.To move the document to a different folder, click the folder from the list at the right or type in the SmartPath number, followed by a colon (':'), followed by the document name before clicking <Move>.

   Your document will be saved in the folder shown in the 'Full Name' text box at the bottom of the screen. (Note how the DOS path changes automatically when you name/rename your document and as you change SmartPaths.)

Moving a document with SaveSmart is the same as <Save/Copy>, but after the document has been saved to its new location, the original version of the document is deleted from the original directory.


 An unsaved document cannot be moved. Therefore, the <Move / Move As> buttons will be visible only if a previously saved document is displayed.


<Shift>-<Move> = the document will be moved where desired, and then automatically closed.