Beginning with 2016.2, you can direct Pathagoras to mirror each installation via a 'Common Folder.'

   The 'Common Folder' is any folder on a network or other shared location to which all users will point for their setup information. You choose and name the folder. There are no naming requirements, but we do recommend something containing "Pathagoras" or perhaps "Pathagoras Share" or "Pathagoras Mirror".


   Display the Mirroring setup screen: Pathagoras Features | Utilities and Settings | Network | Mirroring.

   1. When the screen is displayed, indicate the 'Common Folder'. You can navigating to the folder via the '. . . ' button, or you can manually type a folder name into the text box (1).

   2. If you are the designated 'administrator', check the 'Repoint and Move' box (2). Your settings will be the 'master' settings which others will be able to use. If you are an 'end-user' and want just to use the files in the 'mirror' location, check the 'Repoint (only)' option (3). Your settings will 'mirror' the master settings set by the administrator.

   3. Press the green 'Copy/Move' button to lock in your

   Choose from the two check-boxes whether the current user's setups will provide the 'master' settings , or will simply share those settings. Of course, the user with the  best, or most complete, setup should be the master', and should click the left most box to transfer his or her information to the 'Common Path.' Everyone else should simply repoint.

   If you want to restrict who may make future changes to your setups, add Passwording features.


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   1. Mirroring (this page) and Sharing (via a Common Profiles Path) are similar concepts and they are not mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, the 'better practice' is to choose one or the other. The consistency will promote easier training of new users.

   2. That said, if you have 3 or more licenses, 2 can be mirrored, and the third can pull from the Common Profiles Path (or it can feed the Common Profiles Path.) You lose no flexibility.

   3. Limits: Actually, there are none. So long as you can point to the same folder, you can mirror via that folder.

   4. Frequently different users will point to the network server as with different letter. That is not a problem for Pathagoras. So long as you know you are pointing to the same physical or virtual location (even on a Dropbox folder), you can mirror.

  Warning: The pointers that are going to be shared (especially Books and DropDown Lists) must point to locations that all can reach. Warnings provided elsewhere about pointing a Book or List to your C:\ drive, and expecting others to be able to link to it, still pertain. (The exception, of course, is that if the 'C:\' drive pointer is to a DropBox or OneDrive (etc.) folder.)

   What if my Dropbox folder is addresses as 'C:\Users\myname\Dropbox\Pathagoras documents' and the Dropbox folder on your cube mate's computer is 'C\:users\hisname\Dropbox\Pathagoras Documents', the pointers in your Dropbox list will not be compatible with each other. Not to worry. You can create a 'universal' pointer (we call it the 'DropBox Parent') that, when set up, will make the appropriate conversion so that all always point to the proper location. See DropBox Parent page for more.

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