Options and Document Calls

<<*Options(radio)*Married, No Children/Married, 1 Child/Married, 2 Children/Married, 3+ Children/Single, No Children/Single, 1 Child/Single, 2 Children/Single, 3+ Children*

<<Family, M,0>>/

<<Family, M,1>>/

<<Family, M,2>>/

<<Family, M,3+>>/

<<Family, S,0>>/

<<Family, S,1>>/

<<Family, S,2>>/

<<Family, S,3+>>


<Alt-P> to process: When document is processed, you can choose the appropriate family structure from prompts provided in command line. '(radio)' argument in command limits user to choosing only one selection.

The actual choices (inside their individual << and >> markers are document names. We reference the structure as a <<document call>>. When the selection is made, only one document call will remain. When Pathagoras re-scans the document and finds a document call, it searches for the referenced document and when found in the 'hunt path;, Pathagoras inserts its content in place of the called document.

Resources: Options(Radio) Prompts Document Calls Hunt Path

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