As a 'paragraph assembler' at heart, Pathagoras handles any manner of automatic paragraph numbering schemes. See previous section.

   However, Words imposes a requirement that automatic paragraph numbers must follow the same 'scheme' within a document in order for the automatic renumbering magic to occur.  

   Paragraph numbers which are of different schemes will not 'blend.' The separate schemes retain their separate identities, and a set of numbers from one scheme will display numbers independent from other sets in the same document.

  "But my automatic numbering styles look identical! Why don't they renumber properly." or "When I bring in a new paragraph or section of text, the new numbers start at 1?"  

   While the numbering schemes may appear identical, if you are having this problem, it almost certainly is because the schemes are not identical. Word (unfortunately) will detect what is even a subtle difference.

   One way to insure a common numbering scheme is to insure that all of the assembled clauses come from the same source. If you disassemble a document into its individual components (either manually or via Pathagoras' 'document dis-assembly' tools), you are assured of 'same source/same scheme.'  When you reassemble the clauses in any order, the automatic paragraph numbering will be proper.

   Another way to insure a common numbering scheme is to make sure that your 'normal' template contains the numbering scheme that you desire, that all other users who might share clauses for the document assembly system use the identical scheme. Further, you and others must be diligent to not vary from the scheme. That means no adjusting those sliders at the top to change margins, not adding tabs, etc.

   Keep in mind: this 'care' only applies when you intend to assemble documents from individual clauses created by various users AND where you wish to preserve automatic numbering for those inserted clauses. If you only build documents from complete templates, you needn't worry about this consistency of schemes.

   If you see that the numbering is restarting at "1" in the middle of your assembled document, you have to presume that the documents have different numbering schemes. To harmonize the schemes, try one of these two techniques:

 (1) Assemble (or otherwise gather together) in a large document all of the paragraphs that need to be harmonized. Make sure that a single numbering scheme is applied to all paragraphs. (If all paragraphs are to be numbered, just highlight the entire document, click numbering and select the proper scheme. If less than all of the paragraphs are to be numbered, use the paint tool (it's the 'paint brush' in the toolbar) to copy the numbering scheme from paragraph to paragraph. Tip: Double clicking the paint tool will keep the formatting in active memory. Each click applies the 'paint.')

 (2) Open up one document (we'll call this document #1) that you know has the desired scheme. Open up a second document (we'll call this #2) that does not have a compatible scheme. Cut the text from #2 and paste into #1 at the end. Make the  numbering scheme compatible (see the paragraph immediately above for instructions and a tip on how to do so). Then cut the new text out of document 1 and paste back to #2. Save #2. Repeat for all other documents. (We are working on a tool to accomplish all of this automatically, but it is a challenging thing to program.)

informationNote: When you disassemble a document into its component parts (paragraph (1) above) or try the one-document-at-a-time technique of (2) above, the first numbered paragraph in each separate document that you save out will necessarily begin with '1'. Don't let this scare you. When you assemble a document using one of those clause, the proper number will be applied.