Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention

  The way that you choose to name clauses will have a significant bearing on the way you will ultimately use Pathagoras. You should develop a naming scheme that will make your clause names meaningful, if appropriate, sortable and 'order-able', and most importantly easily recall-able. And keep in mind that these goals are applicable to both your needs and those of the ultimate end user.

   Pathagoras is flexible enough to work with any of Word's naming styles and rules.  However, if you intend to take advantage of Pathagoras' powerful mouseless <Alt-G> method to recall documents, you should use a naming style that allows this to happen.

   The 'prefix/suffix naming convention' has been adopted by Pathagoras (and many other programs) as the 'best' way to name clauses in order to implement clause-based document assembly. The following sections explain the convention in detail.

   But do keep in mind that this naming style is only one. Many user will not see an advantage to 'prefix/suffix' naming and that is just fine. Here is another technique used by many (a variation of naming with a prefix, the prefix being a sorting number, and an added tool that makes recall of so named documents easier. Click here.

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