You can preview the text of any clause before deciding to select it for assembly. Click the <Preview> button found between the two columns of the Clause Selection Screen. Pathagoras will display in a separate screen the first 1000 characters in the previewed element.


Press the Preview button on Clause Selection Screen to view the first 1000 characters of selected item.


  Content: From the Preview screen, you will be able to view the name, subject and title of the document, and, if they exist, any comments that have been added to in the document's 'properties'. (Comments exist if you see an asterisk to the left of the selected document's name.)


  Actions: In addition to viewing the text, you can

move the selected document from the left (available clauses) panel to the right (selected clauses) panel.

insert the formatted text of the selected document into the underlying document at the insertion point.