Print IDB Data from Multiple Records

Pathagoras lets you create a listing of up to 6 data elements from your Instant Database Records.


Create a list of Names and Addresses (assuming that addresses are maintained in your IDB records).

Create a list of names and scores (or prices, or quantities) (assuming that scores, prices or quantities are maintained in your IDB records.

Create a list of any value that you maintain in your IDB records.

Use to create reports and even analyze data. The tables you create here can readily be transferred into Excel for analysis in many views..

How to:

    Two methods exist by which you can create a table

1.From the Instant Database Setting & Options Screen.

a)Click the "Convert/Create" tab from the bottom set of tabs.

b)(Optional) If you have activated the IDB 'Tree Service', select (either by typing or by navigating) the folder from which the table will be created.

Click to enlarge.



a)Type the formula using this style in your document at the point you want the table inserted.
(If you want just the table, type the above on a blank document.)

<<*IDBTable*[First Name]/[Last Name]/[Street Address]/[Sales Price]>>


Call to action:        <<*IDBTable*


Variables list:        List up to 6 variables, each separated by slashes.

         The variables must include the surrounding brackets, if used.


Closing mark: >>


information The colors used in the above example are for illustration and emphasis only. Colors are NOT required by the formula.

information If you have activated the IDB Matter 'Tree Service' (allowing you to store IDB records in sub-folders), you will be prompted to navigate to the folder in which the records you desire to list reside. Otherwise, Pathagoras will print data from each record in the main IDB folder. (Currently you cannot print records from multiple folders, or from sub-folders.)

lightbulbsmallYou can sort the resulting table using Word's table tools. If you need to do more elaborate financial analysis on the results, consider doing that in Excel. To move the data into Excel, simply highlight the table (or as much of it as you want to analyze) and copy. Open Excel and paste. It is as simple as that!