New in 2020.1:

While most clients/customers to whom you might send the Intake Form will follow the instruction to type their answers just to the right of the colon, there is still a risk that some will ignore your instructions an type in areas that cannot be 'seen' by Pathagoras when scraping the data (next section).

You can use Words document protection features to isolate those areas of the form where typing is allowed. The Manual steps are located in several articles on 'protecting Word documents from editing' that you can find on-line.

But Pathagroras has automated the process specifically for Intake Forms described in this section. To add 'allow edits here' blocks only in the space to the right of the colon:

Display the 'fancy' Intake Form created using the steps in the preceding sections.

Click the Pathagoras Features button (bottom half).

Select Authoring/Editing Tools | General Editing Tools | Form Controls tab.

Click the button labelled "Add Input Boxes to Fancy Forms"