You can run all Pathagoras features from the buttons and boxes behind the Pathagoras tab.

   But as a practical matter, it still will take at least two or three clicks to gain access to most features. These steps below will allow you one-click access to the features and tools you most commonly use, and to create a highly personalized toolbar.

   The "QAT" (Quick Access Toolbar) is a special toolbar that Word 2007/2010 provides which allows you one-click access   to any pre-programmed action. The QAT that ships with Word 2007/2010 is initially populated with the "Save", "Undo" and "Redo" commands. You can add any other Word commands to the QAT. Do so by right clicking on any button and select the "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" element in the list.

   Any feature or button in Pathagoras can be placed on the QAT in the identical fashion. Simply display and then right click on the feature that you want added to the QAT. (It can be any button or menu that you see, whether topmost or bottommost of in the middle.) The same icon as appears in the main menu area will be copied to the QAT.




   You may wish to place Pathagoras functions in a group and set out the group with a 'spacer.' This can easily be accomplished. Click the option called "Customize Quick Access Toolbar." There you can rearrange the functions that current reside in the QAT and add the appropriate spacers to your liking.

Position of QAT:

   On other thing to note is the position of the QAT relative to other tabs and ribbons. In the first picture above,  the QAT is above the Ribbon. In the second picture, it’s below the Ribbon. It is a matter of personal preference, but if you like having favorite features closer to the editing screen, you can change the position of the QAT.  As shown in the third picture, below, just right-click on the QAT and select the option to show it below the Ribbon.



   With the QAT below the Ribbon, you may lose a little bit of screen real estate, but you make up for it with added convenience and increased productivity of having your 'favorites' within easy reach.

  When assigned to the Quick Access Toolbar, the Pathagoras icon is represented by a set of stacked folders.

tipAdding (and removing) elements to (and from) the QAT could not be easier. So don't hesitate to treat the QAT as a fluid tool. When you are Pathagorizing documents, add the Pathagorizing tools you like the most to the QAT. When you are done, remove them. Add other tools to the QAT as you are using them intensely, and remove them when you are done.


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