You can easily and quickly add Quick Parts through a table.


Create a simple four column table, column 1 being Name, column 2 being the Gallery into which the term is to be inserted,;column 3 --'Category;  and column 4 --the actual text you want Word to return when you type (or start typing) the Name.


This table is the same type of table that will be created when you select "Print Outs'. As a practical matter, you may be better served by printing out your existing Quick Parts and pick up from there.


You can save this table as a Word document. That way, when you find you need to modify any of the text, you can call the table and then rerun the Add by Table routine.


Use this outline for the best table structure.


(single word for AutoComplete)

("AutoTtext" or "QuickParts")


(any single word)

(Any text; add '#' for auto-paragraph numbering)