Quick Parts: Sharing with others

   Word does not allow you to directly share Quick Parts with others. So if a co-worker had a wonderful collection of addresses or text snippets, you would (before Pathagoras) simply have to add these to your collection one at a time.

   With Pathagoras, however, you can set up a common folder into which your or others could save Quick Parts print outs (discussed above). Simply pull up the print outs to your editing screen and, using the 'Add by Table' tools, all the new or updated content can be quickly added locally.

   (As anyone who has used Word for a while knows, every once in a while your Normal template can become corrupted and must be rebuilt from scratch. The obvious benefit to having a Quick Parts printout stored in a separate location means those items can instantly be restored.)

   Set the Common Files Location with the tools at the foot of the Quick Parts screen.

Quick Parts (Sharing)