To Open QuickLink Folders:

   Type the name or phrase that you assigned to a QuickLink on any line of any document (it doesn't have to be blank) at the left margin. Press <Alt-G>. Pathagoras will instantly display the File Open dialog. You can select a file from the current display or navigate up and down. (It is normal, regular, nothing special File Open dialog.)
If your goal is to insert the content of a document into the currently opened document, press <Ctrl-Alt-G>. That will display the 'Insert' dialog (versus the 'Open' dialog.

To Open Sub-folders:

  If you happen to know a sub-folder that will get you closer to your target, you can type it (or the first few characters of it) as the QuickLink. E.g., 'clients\jones, robert'. Press <Alt-G>.

If you typed the full sub-folder name, Pathagoras will display the Word/Window's File Open dialog with the sub-folder displayed.

If you typed a partial name (e.g., clients\jo), Pathagoras will display a dialog displaying those folders that start with what you have typed Select the desired sub- folder from the list.

If you totally mistyped the name, Pathagoras will display the parent folder. If you want the 'default folder' (indicated by a hash tag ('#') to the left of the folder name in your QuickLink list, you can just type a slash followed by <Alt-G>. If you want a sub-folder, type a slash, the first letter or letters of the sub-folder, followed by Alt-G.

To Open Sub-Sub-folders:

Perhaps you have categorized sub-folders with easy to remember names -- maybe a single letter of the alphabet. In such case, you can go one level deeper to display a listing of the contents of a sub-sub-folder.

Type both the QuickLink and the sub-folder name (separated by a slash) and then (again separating with a slash) append a full or partial sub-sub-folder name. E.g., 'clients\j\jones, robert<Alt-G>' or 'clients\j\jo<Alt-G>' (Note: the first two 'levels' must be correctly and fully spelled out. Only the third (i.e., last) level can be partial.)