QuickLink - Save to folder

   Not only can you instantly navigate to a QuickLink target folder to explore that folders content and open up documents contained within it, you can SAVE documents to that target folder with the simple press of <Alt-S> next to the QuickLink name.

   If you have not yet set a QuickLink to one or more (we encourage more) folders, do that now.

Saving to a QuickLink Folder:

    To SAVE your on-screen document to your QuickLink target folder, type the QuickLink name on any blank line at the left margin and press <Alt-S>. A normal Word/Windows Save As screen will open, displaying the target folder. Name your document in the normal fashion. (Don't worry about the QuickLink you typed. Pathagoras will erase it, and the line it occupies before you save the document.)

Saving to Sub-folders:

  To <Alt-S> (save) to a sub-folder, type the parent (QuickLink) name. Type a slash and as much of the sub-folder as you can remember. Press <Alt-S>. If the full name of the sub-folder was provided, the SaveAs dialog will open to the target sub-folder. If only a partial name was provided, and there are several possibilities based on the letters provided, a selection screen displaying the possible choices will appear. Select the desired folder, and it will display.

Saving to Sub-Sub-folders:

Perhaps you have categorized sub-folders with easy to remember names -- maybe a single letter of the alphabet. In such case, you can go one level deeper to directly navigate and save to a sub-sub-folder.

Type both the QuickLink and the sub-folder name (separated by a slash) and then (again separating with a slash) append a full or partial sub-sub-folder name. E.g., 'clients\j\jones, robert<Alt-G>' or 'clients\j\jo<Alt-S>' (Note: the first two 'levels' must be correctly and fully spelled out. Only the third (i.e., last) level can be partial.)


  Note: Keep in mind that the SaveAs dialog you are presented is the same one you would see if you used Word's navigation tool. Once you are in a folder, you can save to that folder OR you can navigate to other nearby folders OR you can create a new folder on the fly. When you are at the desired location, provide a name and press the Save button in the dialog.