Recall Bookmarked Sections

           Since 2010, you have been able to insert a source document via DropDown Lists. It is 'two-clicks' easy.  

           In 2012, we introduced a tool whereby you could simply type the name of a document you wanted onto your editing screen and press <Alt-G>. If the document was located in a DropDown List (or other location in Pathagoras' hunt path'), Pathagoras would instantly locate that  document and insert its text in place of the name.

              Beginning with the version released in mid-2021, you can <Alt-G> call into your document any bookmarked section of a Word document. This is an exciting addition to the tool box because it adds a completely new dimension to 'source text.'

 The bookmark itself can reference any content:

text (of any length) and format




If you can surround it with a bookmark, you can instantly <Alt-G> 'g'et it with the very handy tool.

             To recall the bookmarked text, type the name of the base name of the document containing the bookmark(s). Type two colons and then the bookmark name. Press <Alt-G>. (Remember, Alt-G stands for 'g'et.)              

 Imagine a document that contains a series of family descriptions (married/not married; number of children, etc.). (This document actually exists in your sample forms.) To recall the text for 'married, two children', type:


 To recall multiple bookmarked items from the same document, separate the items with either a comma or a slash.



 (You can use whatever naming style you wish for your bookmarks. We assigned simple names as our naming convention, using 'm' for married and 's' for single, followed by the appropriate number of children.)


information You can (and should) have as many documents containing bookmarks as you wish. Just make sure they reside in your Super Folder or in a DropDown List or other location in Pathagoras' 'hunt path.

information You can have as many bookmarks within a document, as you wish. Since all clauses of similar content can be saved in a single document, making changes in the future becomes quite easy.

information The name you assign to a bookmark can be anything you want, but bookmarking rules require that it be a continuous word up to 39 characters. You can, however, use underscores to create that single word. Married_with_3_children is a 'single word.' (We do recommend something short, sweet, and easy to remember and teach. 'M3' might be a better bookmark for this situation.)

information To make sure you capture the formatting of the text, be sure to include the final 'Enter' at the end of the bookmarked section.

information  You can 'assemble' a list of bookmark calls by saving any number of them in a 'parent' document. Just use document call boundaries, e.g., <<family::m2>> <<gifts::sp,cdn>> <<powers>> <<waivers>> <<sigs::testator>> (Note the mixture of bookmark calls and regular 'full document calls.) When the base document is processed, the various clauses will be automatically inserted at the proper location.

information You can store a series of bookmark calls in a base document using <<*Options* blocks to list alternative choices. See the document we made available for download called 'SigOpts' as an example.

information You can download some sample bookmarked documents from (Note: some of these same documents are part of the installation package for all versions of Pathagoras downloaded after May 15, 2021. They are located in 'c:\program files (x86)\pathagoras\demodocs'. Type 'flowers::rose<Alt-G>. If you see a picture of a rose, you are all set. 'Demodocs' is part of the hunt path.)

information If you don't know anything about bookmarking a document, don't worry about it. The process is simple.  There are many 'help' articles on this topic. Here is just one (from Microsoft's site).

information We are adding tools to make it easy for you to add new bookmarks, to duplicate existing bookmarked text to create a variation of the original text (and to rename the bookmark appropriately). You can find a listing of the tools from 'Pathagoras Settings (bottom) | Authoring/Editing Tools | Bookmarks'. Click 'Floating Toolbar'.

Other uses:

Recall images. Word is a good tool to keep a group of pictures (think auto accidents, although the example we make available for download is a collection of flowers).  Bookmark the individual images. If you want to add a description of what the image depicts, just include the description within the scope of the bookmark. So:

flowers::rose<Alt-G>  Easy peasy.