'Pathagorizing' using the IDB screen

   While the Instant Database typically is used to replace document variables with personal data, the IDB can also be used to create variables in an existing document. Here is how.

1.Display a document that you want to 'Pathagorize'. (Figure 1.)

2.Put brackets around every name, address or other word that you want to make a variable. (Figure 2.)

3.Activate the IDB system (press Alt-D).

4.Press the Scan button to read all of your newly created bracketed 'variables' into the left side of the screen.

5.Type at the right side of the screen the actual variable names you want to appear in the final form document. "[John R. Doe]" (as picked up by the Scan) should become "[Client Name]", "[1234 Oak Avenue]" should become "[Client Address]", etc. (Figure 3.)

6.Press the Next button on the Instant Database screen. The 'personal' text (shown in the left column) will be overwritten by the variable text at the right. (Figure 4.)

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Figure 1. The original (personal) document.


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Figure 2. The marked up document.


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Figure 3. After the document has been scanned to pick up the bracketed text,
the left column will be populated with 'pseudo-variables'.
Just fill in at the right the 'actual' variables you want to use.
Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to replace 'personal' data with variables.

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Figure 4. A 'Pathagorized' document!


This technique is an alternative to the Variable Creation Wizard and other 'Pathagorizing' techniques discussed elsewhere. Your choice!