Once the Term Works! screen is displayed, you first should decide how Pathagoras will determine the initial section of the text to highlight. (This assumes that nothing is currently highlighted.)

   Your choices are:

(1) by document header;

(2) by the # of paragraph markers ('enters') between sections; or

(3) by a special character set. For this last choice to work for you, you must pre-typed into the source document  those character at each location that you want a break to occur.

   In the below example 'By Paragraphs' has been selected. The number of paragraphs which Pathagoras will look for to determine a section break is 2 (i.e., a 'double space'), and that value has been inserted into the box in the lower right quadrant of the Auto-Break section of the screen.

Click to enlarge.


   If the Next button is 'red,' click it. ('Red' just means that no text has yet been selected.) Pathagoras will highlight the first section of text in your document that meets the desired criteria. In the example we have chose, this will be the first block of text that ends with 'double-spaces.'

   If you want to further refine the selection, use the up/down arrows in the upper left side of the screen. See below figure. This lets you expand and contract the scope of the highlight so that just the text you want is marked. (In a typical document dis-assembly session, Pathagoras will automatically highlight the next block of text after the last one was saved, but you may still wish to refine the scope of the selected text.)


Click to enlarge.

Expand or reduce the highlighting, from either the top of the selection or the end.

informationNote that you can add or subtract by paragraphs only, not individual words.

   If you are using the 'Show Text' feature (discussed next), the text in the Show window is automatically changed as you change the scope of the underlying selection.