SharePoint, DropBox, et al

SharePoint®, One Drive®, DropBox®, Google Drive®, and a myriad of other cloud storage tools allow unprecedented access to your documents from anywhere across the world. But, from a Pathagoras perspective, to call documents from the cloud (without the synching discussed below) is slow and clunky. It requires you to first connect to your cloud server (supplying name and password each time unless registered) and then navigate to the document with screens that look nothing like the tools used in local disk navigation. And, depending upon your setup, the file may open in the cloud (with Word OnLine) and not on your local computer where Pathagoras is loaded. So you have to download the file in order to process and personalize it.

The best (by far) solution is simply to sync your cloud documents to your local computer. Your cloud storage program will tell you how to do it, but trust us, it's each.

Q. But won't that mean I could have multiple copies of the same file? Precisely, but it doesn't matter. The way this sync-magic works is that an exact copy of the cloud file is stored on your computer. When you call the file onto an editing screen (or assemble multiple files together) the call is instantaneous because it is local. If you need to edit the form, just call up the original from your computer (not the cloud), edit and save. Instantly and automatically, the Sharepoint, One Drive, Dropbox, etc., program recognizes the change, uploads the changed original to the cloud and then disseminates the updated document to all other users (including your laptop, computer in another office, etec) which are synching to that folder. Yes. Everyone synching now has a copy of the same file, but that is not a bad thing.

Q. Isn't the path to the file on my computer different from the path to that file on my neighbor's computer, and mirroring our computers won't be possible? Yes, to the first part of the question, and no to the second part. It is true the pathnames will be different, typically only by the variance in the username in where the local copy is stored. But that is easily handled by Pathagoras tools discussed in this section.

That said, Pathagoras can still save you some time navigating to you cloud storage. You can assign a DropDown List to take you to the parent folder of your SharePoint, etc. storage locations. That is discussed in the DropDown List section of this Manual.


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