Shortcuts (to Word documents)

   One of the choices you have when you right click on a document (or a highlighted selection of documents) in a Word folder is to create a shortcut to the original. You can then place the shortcut(s) in any other folder. A call on the shortcut is the same as a call on the original. The shortcut icon is the same as the Word document icon, but with a curved arrow in the lower left quadrant, thusly: shortcut

   Shortcuts can be easily handled by Pathagoras. They are seen and used in the same manner as a document.

  Using Shortcuts: Let's say that you have a folder of 'generic' documents. Because they contain 'universal' type text that you may use in a variety of situations, you want those documents to display on the Clause Selection Screen along with the 'A' documents whenever you display Book A, with the 'B' documents when you display Book B, etc.

   To accomplish this, navigate to the folder containing the generic documents. (This is simple Word/Windows stuff.) Highlight all of the documents/clauses for which you wish to create shortcuts. Right click and select "Create Shortcut". Windows creates the shortcuts and places them at the bottom of the display screen.

   Next, copy and paste the shortcuts into the folders represented by Book A, Book B, etc. (When you are all done with the exercise, you will probably also want to delete the shortcuts from the original location.)

   Now, whenever you display Book A or Book B, etc., through Pathagoras' document assembly routine, the 'native' documents AND the shortcuts will display. (Any shortcuts in the target folder will display after the native documents.)

   Document shortcuts will display by default, but if you find them distracting, you can elect not to display them by unchecking the box called "Display 'Shortcuts to' links'. You can locate this check-box under "Utilities & Settings | All Settings | Document Assembly (tab) | Clause Selection Screen Defaults (section)".

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