*Alias* Lists can be any length, but frequently are quite long. Plus, their presentation in the selection screen (frequently alphabetical) may not always be in the order that you may wish to transfer them in your document.

   Beginning with Pathagoras 2019, you can sort the selected items in any manner you desire. So, if the trip is from Florida to Georgia to Alabama to Louisiana (or France to Italy to Germany to England), it now possible to select the *States* or *Countries* from an alphabetical list and rearrange them in the proper order before pouring the selections into your itinerary.

   So, after you have made the appropriate selections from the selection screen, check the 'Sort Selections' box adjacent to the 'Next' button. Then click 'Next'. A sorting screen will appear. Using the Up and Down arrows to arrange the proper order in which the selected items should appear in your document. (If you determine your original selections were not correct, click the back button, re-select and then resort. While the original selections will remain intact, you will have to re-sort the selections from scratch.)