There are several tips we can suggest to improve the processing speed of your documents.


 If you have many instances of simple variables such as [he/she] and [him/her]  (whether with groupnames and whether there is a third 'they'), convert the variable to a simple options and process with an AskOptions. This is because in the process of determining where a particual option begins, Pathagoras temporarily converts the slash in he/she to he`she so that only 'real' slashes remain for Pathagoras to 'see' options divisions. The conversion takes some time, both 'in' and 'out'. I.e,



and in body

 {!sex!he/ORshe} and {!sex!him/ORher}


Use Color coded documents.

We haven't figured out why this is the case, but using our Color Assembly tool will dramatically speed up processing.


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