Over time your external data will change (new records, corrections to old records, deletion of obsolete records, etc.). You will want to update the local data to reflect those changes.

   One user understandably said "I sure hope I don't have to manually link to my SQL data file each time I need to update my local data!"

   Don't worry, you don't. First of all, the credentials and selections are stored so you would never have to reenter them.

   But Pathagoras offers more that. Pathagoras offers a 'quick update' routine that avoids a return to the SQL Setup screen altogether. When you want to update your local data,

   (1) activate the Instant Database form (Alt-D) and click the Power Tools button (as before).

   (2) Shift-click on the External Database Link button.


  You will be taken to the SQL Link screen shown below.




  (3) Select the database you want to update and then

  (4) Click the update button. Your data will be quickly updated.

  Once your data has been updated, you will be returned to the Instant Database screen. Click the External Database Link button (no shift this time) and you will be able to select the record you wish to import.