Designating the 'SuperFolder'

   (1)  From Pathagoras Features | Utilities/Settings | All Settings click the "File Locations" tab.

Click to enlarge image.

   (2)  Click the ‘Set’ button to the right of the box labeled SuperFolder (label 1 in the figure).

   (3)  Navigate to and select one document within the folder you want to designate as the SuperFolder (It does not matter which item you select. The selection is only to confirm that you have finished navigating.)  Press the "OK" button in the window to lock in the folder choice.

   (4) Alternatively, you may type (or paste in) the location of the folder. A "Save" button will appear at the right. Click it to lock in the designation.

   (5) If you wish Pathagoras to search for documents within the top level and the first level of sub-folders in the SuperFolder, click the box labeled "3" in the figure above.

   (6) If most of your <Alt-G> calls will be to the SuperFolder, you might consider 'promoting' the SuperFolder to the top position in the Search Order. Click the box labeled "4" in the figure above.

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