Processing of double angle bracket (and other text) blocks is automatic unless such processing is 'suppressed.'  If you are testing certain actions, or trying to display a certain block of text and don't want to have to respond to the 'keep or delete?' questions inherent with optional text, you will want to suppress the processing of the <<Options/Optional>> blocks

   To suppress the processing of <<Options/Optional>> text blocks that are called from DropDown Lists, press the "Suppress" toggle button to the left of the DropDown List section in the Pathagoras toolbar (second element down).


   To suppress processing of <<Options/Optional>> called up via other document assembly methods, check the "Suppress *Options*  & <<Text>> Block Processing' box on the Current Settings page of the Utilities & Settings screen.


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To temporarily suppress text processing by Pathagoras,
check the <Suppress> button on the Utilities/Settings Screen
(<<Options/Optional>> tab).

  lightbulbsmallIf and when you later decide to process the <<Options/Optional>> text, you have several methods at your disposal:

Option 1: Click the Pathagoras dropdown features menu. Select "Process" and then click the button labeled 'Process Page.' (This is the 'cleanest' way. But the next two options work equally well.)

Option 2: Place the cursor to the immediate right of the closing Options marker ('>>') and press <Alt-G>. This triggers the 'Document Assembly' routine. Of course, nothing is being assembled, but Pathagoras doesn't know that. It will still process any <<Options/Optional>> text blocks it finds.

Option 3: If you have created any DropDown Lists, you will see to the left of the DropDown List section a toggle button marked either "Suppress" or "Process". Click it (and depending upon its initial value, you may have to click it twice) and the text will be processed.