Document assembly 'jargon' uses the word 'template' in two overlapping but nevertheless distinct fashions.

A 'template' is an essentially 'blank' document which has been specially constructed to provide the shape (margins, fonts, styles, headers, footers, etc.) to a future document that will be built upon it.

A 'template' is a complete document containing, in addition to the 'shape' elements described above, the entire body of a typical document type. A 'contract' template, a 'will' template, a 'fax' template, etc.
This is the definition attributed to ‘template’ by most other document assembly programs. Such a template contains every term that might be included in the final document, and then some.  By answering questions build into the template, or using an ancillary file, you pare away the text in the template that doesn’t fit the need.

   Pathagoras defines 'template' in the vein of the first bullet, above, with some nuance of the second:

A Pathagoras template is an ordinary Word '.dot' or '.dotx' file that provides the basic shape to the documents that are built upon it. Think of it as a palette for a painting.

A Pathagoras template provides the styles, fonts, headers and footers, the background colors, etc., of the document that is to be built upon it.

A Pathagoras template is typically devoid of any substantive text. However, introductory text, letterheads, page numbers and the like can be part of the template.

   This is the logic and flow implemented by Pathagoras when you click the Next>> button after selecting one or more clauses from the Clause Selection Screen:

   (1) Pathagoras checks to see if a template was associated with a Book from which the clauses were selected. If so, that template is called and 'laid out' as the receiving document. If no template is associated with the Book, the template associated with the first document assembled serves as the template for the remaining clauses.

   (2) The clauses selected in the Clause Selection Screen are then quickly ‘poured’ into that template.

   Pathagoras allows you easy access to the various templates you might use during your document assembly day, and allows you to make various settings to those templates which promote the ease and speed by which your projects can be assembled.

   Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about Templates.