Testing & Editing -- the 'Process' command

   Pathagoras provides an easy way to test, edit, retest, re-edit your <<*Options/Optional*>> text block structure (and any other text within <<double angle brackets>> without having to assemble a complete project.

   The routine is called 'Process'. With the click of the Process button, Pathagoras will act upon the current document as if you were the end user in the middle of a 'document assembly' routine

  lightbulbsmallBefore getting started with 'Process', save your work! (If you process your work without saving it, you may be disappointed when your efforts are 'processed away.' )

To process the <<*Options/Optional*>>, {Simple Options},  <<*Repeat*>> and <<document>> blocks in your document:

Option 1:  Click the Pathagoras Features menu. Click the 'Process' element from the list. (This is probably the 'cleanest' way, and the way we had in mind when we titled this section. But the next two options work equally well.)

Option 2: Place the cursor to the immediate right of the closing block marker ('>>') or "}" and press <Alt-G>. This triggers the 'Document Assembly' routine. Of course, nothing is being assembled, but Pathagoras doesn't know that. However, it 'thinks' it is in a document assembly routine and will process any <<block>> or {block} text it finds.

Option 3: If you have created any DropDown Lists, you should see a toggle button next to the List titled either "Suppress" or "Process". Click it (and depending upon its initial value, you may have to click it twice) and the on-screen text will be processed.

Structure and Integrity Checkers: Pathagoras can review a source document (whether final, or simply 'under construction') to see if you are complying with 'the rules.' In many cases, it can automatically (with your permission) fix any errors it finds. So even before 'Processing' the document to see if everything works, run the 'Structure Checker' first and study its results.

To activate the Structure Checker, click "Wizards & Assistants | Structure Checker" item from the Pathagoras drop down features menu. (Structure Checker is also a pre-assigned Alt-Q | My Buttons element.)


tipIf you have a large document, you may wish to test only a portion of it. To do so, simply copy and paste the portion you want to test to a new page. 'Process' just that section. Once the selected section is perfected, then test on the original, complete document.

tip If you are doing a lot of testing, you can elevate the "Process" and/or "Editing Tools" buttons to your Quick Access Toolbar.

tipBecause all text within <<*Options/Optional*>> text blocks is 'plain text, you do not have to have Pathagoras loaded on your system in order to create them. You can create and fully edit them anywhere. This allows ‘at home’ and third party editing. Test them after you get them onto a 'Pathagoras' enabled computer.

tipThis is not a clause 'testing' tip, but rather a document assembly testing tip. As you are testing how your documents are coming together, you may wish to suppress the processing of <<Options/Optional>> text block. You can tell Pathagoras to 'hold off' this processing by clicking the Suppress Processing box found in Utilities/Settings (look for the 'Document Assembly' tab in the 'Settings at a Glance' section).

informationDespite the above warnings to the contrary, do not worry too much about losing your work while testing. As you perform tasks in Pathagoras, remember that you are always in Word. You can click the Undo button (or press Ctrl-Z) and, in almost all cases, restore your work to its pre-processed state.

   Pathagoras has a wide range of other tools to help you to identify problem spots. Check this link for how to access these editing tools.

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