Sharing Libraries and Profiles


   Let's assume that you have created on your local computer the ‘perfect’ Library for document assembly purposes. You now want to share it with others on the network. (That way, of course, those users won't have to manually create the same setup.) You should upload your masterpieces to the Common Profiles Path (the CPP). Here are the steps:

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Figure 1. Network Files Screen

1.Click Utilities/Settings>>Network Files to display the Network Files screen (Figure 1). Choose whether you want to view the items in the Common Profiles path (which you would want to do if you want to download someone else’s work from the CPP) or to view items in ‘My Computer’ (which you would want to do if you want to upload your work to the CPP).  Note the elements on the screen that automatically change based on your selection to reflect the above discussion.

2.Select the option circle reflecting the element you want to upload to the CPP.

3.Press the up arrow (UPLOAD) to transfer a copy of your work up to the CPP.

lightbulbsmall Note: Whenever you modify a Library using the Document Assembly “Settings” screen or a Profile in the PathSmart “Settings” screen, a black and yellow button labeled “Send Notice” will appear at the right side of the settings screen after you press the <Save> button.  If you click <Send Notice>, a copy of the new/modified Library will be sent to the CPP and a notice of the change will be sent to all registered users. This accomplishes a bit more directly what steps 1-3 above accomplish.


1.Other users on the system can now get your ‘stuff’ in almost the same fashion.

2.Display the "Network Tools" screen and  select the Common Profiles Path option and then select the type of item you wish to download.

3.The list changes depending upon the selections made. Click on the item from the list that you want to transfer and then click the Download button. (See Figure 3 below.)

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Figure 3. Network Tools, downloading a profile.


redarrowIMPORTANT: Be mindful of the differences between 'universal' and 'specific' folder references:

If the uploaded profile or library refers to the originator's local computer, e.g., "C:\office forms\contracts," a user on a distant computer downloading this profile will not be able to use the file without first adjusting the references.

This can be done after the download using Document Assembly>>Settings (if a library) or PathSmart>>Settings (if a profile). Edit the entries to reflect the correct network path to the originator's computer, e.g., "G:\office forms\contracts" or "\\server1\office forms\contracts".

This problem can be avoided on the 'upload side.' Before sending the profile or library to the CPP, the operator should convert local 'C:\' references to 'universal' path references. E.g., "G:\office forms\contracts" or "\\server1\office forms\contracts".

Sharing other Settings:

As the images above suggest, you can upload and download a wide range of settings and data elements via the CPP, including Libraries, Profiles, DropDown Lists, MultiChoice Term lists, Prefix Pointer tables, Q & A Interviews, IDB Masks and Templates.

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