Adding terms to a glossary:

From External Location:

   If the source of the text that you want to move into a glossary is "external" to that glossary (a Word document  that contains any text, images or tables, etc., from any source) use Term Works! Term Works! quite literally allows you to 'highlight & add' the information you want into any glossary in your current library. Just select (highlight) the text and press <Alt-G>. When the Term Works! screen appears, give the term a Name and a Subject. Select the target glossary from the list and Pathagoras handles the rest.

From Within Open Glossary:

   If you already have a glossary open and displaying on your editing screen, and you want to add text while inside the glossary, here are two techniques to accomplish that:

1. Use Term Works! (same as above). Highlight the text you want to add (we presume the text is inside the actual glossary document, just not inside of bookmarks) and press <Alt-G>. Name the term and give it a subject. Select "This Glossary" from the list of targets and Pathagoras handles the rest.


2. Manually add your own bookmarks. Highlight the text, click "Insert|Bookmark" from Word's menu area. Name the bookmark. On the lines immediately preceding the now bookmarked text, type the name of the bookmark and then (on a separate line) the Subject you want assigned to the term. (Look at other glossary terms in the glossary for examples as to how the 'final product' should look. The red and blue colors identifying the term name and subject, respectively, are helpful, but not required.) See The Technical Side to Glossaries for more information.


Other Techniques:

   Via the Libraries & Books screen

   Display the document you wish to add to a book. If you wish only to add a portion of the document (a phrase, a paragraph, a section, etc.) highlight that portion. Click the Document Assembly icon from the Pathagoras Toolbar. Select the book into which you want to add the text. Click the Save To option button from the center of the window. Press Next. The Term Works! screen will appear. Complete the name and subject boxes. Press the green button. That's it. (inset a picture.)

Via a DropDown List:

   If the glossary into which you wish to add a document is reflected in one of your DropDown Lists, it is a very simple matter of dropping down the List and clicking the "Save Text to Glossary" entry. Pathagoras will instantly save  the document into the folder.


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