Underlines as Variables

   The GotForm? module can not only process variables it finds between brackets (e.g, [Client Name]), but it can also process underlines as variables. Of course, not all underlines are intended to be variables. For example, a signature line (like that shown below) of let's say 50 underlines in length would not typically be a variable. The date block next to a signature line is likely not a variable either. But the line to the left of Seller probably would be.

   . . .

   Witness the following signatures:

    __________________________________     ___/_____/_____(Date)

    ____________, Seller


   Pathagoras provides a way to exclude from processing those underlines which fall outside of a designated range. All underlines within the range are processed as variables. Those outside of that range are ignored.

   To set the minimum and maximum values, click the small box to the right of the 'Find Underlines' check-box.

Click to enlarge.

When you click the small box, Pathagoras will proceed to ask you
for the minimum and maximum number of underline characters
which you want to constitute a 'variable.'


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