o Install 'full license' version of Pathagoras to the new computer.

 Shortly after you have placed your order (within seconds, not hours), you should receive an email confirming your order. This email also contains the link to download Pathagoras from the server and your serial number needed to register your program. To install, its a simple 'download and run' process. Pathagoras offers a distinctive 'deep purple' screen to denote that you are in the install mode. You will insert your serial number on the 4th screen of the install sequence. It goes in the lower text box in place of the word Trial.

You can use any User Name you wish in the upper box..

With just the install, you can immediately begin to create variables, scan the 'Pathagorized' and produce personalized text.

Multi-user licenses:

 o Check pointers to your Instant Database records. If you want to share Instant Database records with others on the network, you should create a folder on a computer to which all users can point. Then, point the IDB path on your computer to that location and point the IDB path on all other computers to that same location.

 o Check pointers to your *Alias* file. (By default, but not by necessity, the *Alias* file moves in tandem with your Instant Database records. But if you elect to store them in separate locations, make sure that all users have pointed their *Alias* file to the same folder.

Additional Network tools:

Keep in mind the following: Pathagoras can span your network with no setup beyond the initial installation. It is not necessary to take any of the below steps for Pathagoras to use and assemble document across the network. But if you, as administrator, wish to share Library and Profile setups that you have created on one computer with the other computers on the network, then you should create a mirror path.

 o Create a Mirror Path.

 o Check pointers to your various books in your Libraries.

With all settings checked and confirmed, you should be ready to roll.