A ‘variable’ is a place holder for personal information. Variables are placed in strategic locations throughout a document to indicate where personal information ultimately will be placed in the final version of the document.

   A ‘simple variable’ is a single word or short phrase that serves as a place holder for something else. Typically that 'something else' is personal data such as a name or an address, but it can be much more complex than that. In Pathagoras, a simple variable is a word or phrase all enclosed between square brackets. E.g.: [ClientName]

   A 'multiple choice variable' is a series of pre-determined choices from which the end-user may choose. In Pathagoras, the various values of a multiple choice variable are separated by slashes. E.g.: [chocolate/vanilla/strawberry].

   The following pages describe in greater detail the process of creating, naming and using variables.

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