Adding terms to a folder of terms:

   In addition to the more automated methods of adding content to your source folder discussed elsewhere, you can easily add new content manually. To add content to a Pathagoras book maintained as a "folder of terms," simply add more documents to the folder to which the book points.

You can take original content and save it to the folder.

You can take a complete document and manually disassemble it into smaller components, saving each component as a separate document.

Via the Libraries & Books screen

   Display the document you wish to add to a book. If you wish only to add a portion of the document (a phrase, a pargraph, a section, etc.) highlight that portion. Click the Document Assembly icon from the Pathagoras Toolbar. Select the book into which you want to add the text. Click the Save To option button from the center of the window. Press Next. The Term Works! screen will appear. Complete the name and subject boxes. Press the green button. That's it. (inset a picture.)

Via a DropDown List:

   If the folder into which you wish to add a document is reflected in one of your DropDown Lists, it is a very simple matter of dropping down the List and clicking the "Save Doc to Folder" entry. Pathagoras will instantly save  the document into the folder.


Via Term Works!

  Term Works! allows you to 'highlight & add' the information you want into any folder in your current library. Just select (highlight) the text and press <Alt-G>. When the Term Works! screen appears, give the term a Name and a Subject. Select the target book from the list and Pathagoras handles the rest.


Via SaveSmart:

  Perhaps you want to save document to a folder that has not been assigned to a book. Let's further assume that you have no intention of creating a book with these clause. Pathagoras document management tool "SaveSmart"  lets you highlight a block of text and quickly save it out as a new document. Here are the steps:

1.Highlight the text you want to save.

2.Click the SaveSmart icon. Because the text was highlighted, SaveSmart presumes that you want to do something 'special' with just the highlighted text. It augments the information normally shown on the screen. (Note in particular the 'Highlighted Text' block, and the addition of the text box labeled 'Subject' to the right of the Name box.

Click to enlarge.

Using SaveSmart to create a new document from a highlighted portion of text.

3.Give the new document a name and a subject. If the folder into which you wish to save the document appears in the list of numbered folders at the right, click the appropriate folder and then press the 'Save/Copy' button. If desired folder does not appear in the list, click the 'SaveAs' button and you will be given the opportunity to navigate to the desired folder.