Mapping a "SmartPath" via the PathSmart Settings screen.

1: Click the PathSmart icon.

2: Click the Settings button.

3: Click the radio circle next to the number of the SmartPath you want to set. Once you have clicked on a line, two new buttons will appear toward the bottom of the screen. One says 'Browse' and the other says 'AutoSet.' Click Browse

4: Following the prompts, navigate to the folder that you want to assign to the SmartPath. Select one item in the folder (is does not matter which one) and then click OK.

5: Following the prompts, assign a nickname to the folder.

lightbulbsmallIf the document that is open on the screen happens (by design or by accident) to be from the folder to which you wish to set the SmartPath, use the AutoSet button in step 3. Step 4 will not be required.