Many functions in Pathagoras have parallel functionality in Word. We call these 'functional equivalents'. The difference is that Pathagoras allows plain text, whereas with Word, you must know how to create a field.


Word Field or Function

Pathagoras Equivalent


Today field

[Today] or [-Today-]

Once replaced, the [Today] date becomes static in the document (so the day you wrote the document is preserved. In Word, the field changes each time you open the document on a new day, unless setting changed. . I.e., it saves in the record as the date assigned. To avoid saving Today's date in the IDB record, surround the variable with the 'don't save' characters. e.g., [-Today-].

Any variable

[bracketed term]

AutoText (recall 'live')

any word followed by Alt-G

AutoText is limited to user who created AutoText. (Entries are stored in users 'normal.docx' file. No such limit exists for Alt-G.)

IncludeText  (embed in document)

<<any document>>

If document name is in HuntPath, no folder designator is required.


If you type the word 'Today' into your document and press <Alt-G> immediately afterward, Pathagoras will give you the option to insert today's date with the 'static' value, or to replace 'today' with a Word field that will change every time you open the document. (In the latter case, you will not preserve when the letter was composed or sent.)