You can convert a folder of Word Perfect® documents to a folder of Word documents. The converted files will be written to the a sub-folder beneath the folder containing the original WP files, with identical names except for the extension (".doc" or ".docx" instead of ".wpd").

   To activate this tool, click the Clause Creation Tools entry from the Pathagoras dropdown features list. Select the 'Conversion Tools' option. When the below screen appears, click the 'Conversion Tools' tab. Check the Convert from Word Perfect' box.

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   Note: the proper Word Perfect-to-Word converters must be installed before you can perform the conversion. These are  Microsoft provided products. Normally, they is pre-installed, being a part of the standard Word installation routine. If you do not have the converter, you can download the converter here:

   After you have converted the Word Perfect document to a Word document, you may need to reformat some parts of the document (for example, formatting like page breaks and columns may not convert cleanly). After you've made these formatting changes, simply save the document again (remember: it's now a Word document and will save, by default, as a Word document). There are any number of private offerings which assert that they offer more accurate conversions. If you have a large library of Word Perfect files and are making the move to Word, we certainly encourage you to them out. Key words "Convert Word Perfect Word" is sufficient to take you to a listing of the current offerings over the Internet.

  informationIf the converted documents do not look sufficiently like the originals, you may wish to delete the new 'doc' files and manually convert the files. Use the information and tips provided by Microsoft on their site created specifically to address these issues.


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