Pathagoras Document Assembly is fully compatible with Worldox®. However, some older versions of Worldox captures the 'Subject' property in the built-in Document Properties (File|Properties). Pathagoras adapts to this by using the otherwise unused 'Title' property.  If you use Worldox for document management, you should advise Pathagoras to use this property by performing the following steps:

1.Go to the Utilities/Settings screen.

2.Click the 'All Settings' button. You will be taken to that screen.

3.Select the 'Miscellaneous' tab.

4.Check the 'Use Document's Title in lieu of Subject" box.

5. From now on, the Subject will be stored in (and read from) the document's 'title' field, preserving the 'subject' for Worldox.


  Two additional matters concerning Worldox.

1.By default, Worldox will assign a cryptic name to your documents for its indexing purposes. You can, however, augment that assignment with a name that you personally assign. Worldox will still have what it needs, and Pathagoras will have what it needs. It is absolutely possible to adopt Pathagoras prefix/suffix naming convention while using Worldox, and to use Alt-G to instantly recall a document stored by Worldox.

2.As you are creating, Pathagorizing and testing your documents and your entire document assembly system, if Worldox is simultaneously active, it will dramatically (and frustratingly) interrupt your editing process every time you try to save a document. We strongly recommend that you disable (but only temporarily; just while editing) Worldox while you are building and testing your system.

When done, let Worldox back in to do its thing with regard to your newly created documents. (Alternatively, build your Pathagoras system on a computer that does not have Worldox loaded. You can point Pathagoras to your non- Worldox managed source documents, using Worldox to manage your 'final' documents, or you can transfer your completed documents back over to a Worldox managed computer where they will be integrated into your Worldox system.)


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