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How does Pathagoras affect the structure or location of my documents?

Views: 6781 Created: 04/26/2012 06:36 am Last Updated: 04/26/2012 06:36 am 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

    It does not! Pathagoras affects neither the inherent structure of your documents or their locations. Your documents always are and always will be Word documents before, during and after you 'Pathagorize' them. They will be saved exactly where they originated (unless, of course, you choose to save them elsewhere). 

    Pathagoras will NOT compress, reconstruct, relocate or otherwise manipulate your documents. They remain in their original folders. There are no ancillary documents that have to tag along to your 'Pathagorized' document. There are no changes to the document's filing extension. There are no hidden fields.

    You can 'Pathagorize' a document on a computer on which Pathagoras has not been installed (including an Ipad, smartphone, etc.) and the document can be processed when you copy and use that document back on your computer on which Pathagoras has been installed. 

    So neutral are most 'Pathagorized' documents that you do not even have to have Pathagoras installed on your computer in order to use them.The variable '[Client Name]' in a document can be easily replaced with 'John Doe' using Word's find and replace tool (Ctrl-F). It is, of course, much faster and easier to use Pathagoras, but the point here is that changes you make to your documents as you 'Pathagorize' them do not change the inherent nature of the document.

    This document 'neutrality' (yet powerful functionality) is because Pathagoras is a plain text based system*. All editing leading to the automated document (adding variables, optional text, 'repeats' requests) is performed using regular, straight-from-the-keyboard characters. 

    Because Pathagoras does nothing to the inherent structure of your documents, we recommend saving text that you have 'Pathagorized' back into the folder from which it originated. There is no need to create a new folder for 'Pathagorized' documents. Keeping all documents together (assuming that there is some logic to the original folder structure) allows you quick access to all of your documents, 'Pathagorized' or not. (You can always Pathagorize the rest of you documents later, but at least use Pathagoras incredibly fast navigational tools -- especially DropDown Lists -- to save you time.)

 *By plain text we don't mean unformatted text. Pathagoras documents can be, and typically are, highly formatted. Plain text simply means 'created from keyboard' with the resulting automation signals appearing on the face of the document, readily visible when you view the document.