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What search order does Pathagoras follow when I press Alt-G against the name of a clause or document?

Views: 4832 Created: 04/07/2012 10:36 pm Last Updated: 08/30/2013 12:05 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Whether you call a document or clause by typing its name and pressing <Alt-G> or by inserting a reference in a document using <<clause name>>,Pathagoras will track down that clause in following locations in the order listed:

  1. If the term is 'fully qualified', Pathagoras will look in the designated location and no further. ('Fully qualified' means that the document is pointed to by drive, folder, subfolders(s) and name. E.g., "c:\office forms\estate planning\trusts\living trust clauses\revocation.doc".)
  2. If Pathagoras sees only a 'short' term name, it will determine if the term name meets the prefix/suffix naming criteria (two to four letters followed by three or four numbers). If it does, it will look in the book associated with the prefix in the Prefix Table.
  3. If not found by 2, and if the current document is a saved, named document (as opposed to "Document 2", etc.) Pathagoras will look in the folder of the current document.
  4. If not found by 3, Pathagoras will look in the 'Tag Along' section of the document. (Here, the desired text must have been previously 'bookmarked' with the term name.)
  5. If not found by 4, Pathagoras will look in the Position #1 book of the Current Library. (The 'Position #1' book is the folder or glossary that occupies the first bookshelf in the Current Library.)
  6. If not found by 5, Pathagoras will look in the SuperFolder (if designated) and then in the SuperGlossary (if designated).
  7. If not found by 6, Pathagoras will look in each folder to which a DropDown List refers.
  8. If not found by 7, Pathagoras will look in the Position #2 through #10 books in the Current Library.

If the clause or document is still not found, Pathagoras will so report. Be sure to check your spelling.

While the hunt seems like it would take a lot of time, in reality it generally takes less than a second. The search process is very fast!

There may still be more places that Pathagoras will look that have been added since this article was last edited. The full list can be found here.