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What sets Pathagoras apart from the others?

Views: 7810 Created: 04/08/2012 08:36 am Last Updated: 08/30/2013 12:14 pm 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

Comparison Chart
 We have prepared a chart highighting a few dozen of the most important features that set Pathagoras apart from the others. Check it out at this link

There are quite a few document assembly programs on the market. Pathagoras is unique among them in the following ways:

  • It is truly easy to prepare documents for automation. An automatic variable consists only of plain text within plain text square brackets.

    [Client Name] (with nothing else) is an automated variable to Pathagoras. No fields, no tables.

  • Optional text is just as easy to create.

    {This is optional text.}

    Optional text is created by surrounding a block of text of any size with curly brackets. Nothing more. When Pathagoras encounters optional text, it stops, asks "Do you want to keep" and then processes the 'Yes' or 'No' answer you provide. It just doesn't get any easier than that! (More robust approaches are also available, but this gives you a taste of the abject simplicity we have attempted to make available.)

  • We advertise Pathagoras as a 'plain text' based document automation program. 'Plain text' does not mean unformatted text. Highly formatted results are the norm. 'Plain text' simply means that the coding and command structure uses ordinary keyboard text. Whatever coding that is required is 'facial' to the document. You can see on the document's 'face' what is supposed to happen. (This is as opposed to the coding being buried behind the document in grey fields, or worse, in separate documents.)

    'Plain text' setups lead to easier creation of variables and faster creation of multiple instances of the same variables. It also makes for easier editing when you want to make a change to a variable or options block.

  • Pathagoras is a complete document assembly package. A to Z; soup to nuts; top to bottom; whatever other metaphor you can think of.

    • In addition to classic 'template assembly' (using over-built documents and paring away the text not relevant to the immediate project), Pathagoras allows paragraph or 'building block' assembly. You can assemble multiple items into a new document using Pathagoras' powerful Clause Selection screen. You can also create Clause-Sets. Clause-Sets are 'single' files that point to multiple clauses and assemble those clauses into a single document. When you store your clauses in separate 'building blocks,' Clause-Sets let you greatly speed up the assembly of standard documents such as simple retainer agreements or 'I Love You' wills.

    • Pathagoras lets you quickly insert 'that one last clause' via DropDown Lists. Or, you can also insert 'that one last clause' by typing the name of the clause onto the editing where you want the clause inserted. Press a hot-key and Pathagoras will instantly insert it. Talk about elegant! (This latter function does require that the clause exists in one of several pre-assigned folders, but designating those folders is quite easy.)

    • Pathagoras contains its own 'Instant Database'. Variable-to-value pairings (e.g., [Client Name] = John Doe) can be saved and reused without having to pre-configure anything. Pathagoras allows up to 999 unique pairings and can store an unlimited number of records (just like other databases, except it requires none of the work).

    • Pathagoras contains document management tools that let you quickly save and then recall your client/customer documents created via the document assembly module.

    • Pathagoras provides document dis-assembly tools. These tools allow you to easily and quickly create building blocks of text from complete documents.

    • Pathagoras has a wide variety of conversion tools that let you convert (in bulk) your WordPerfect or rtf documents to Word.

    • Pathagoras has tools that allow quick renaming of your documents to meet an existing or new office naming protocol.
  • Pathagoras starts and ends with Microsoft(r) Word. All intermediate steps are in Word. All Word commands, keyboard shortcuts, automatic paragraph numbering routines, etc., are active at all stages. Users never leave their familiar Word environment in order to use Pathagoras.

  • Everyone in the office, not just the office techies or paid consultants, can edit the documents. Editing is so simple that you will want to do it for every document in your office. (Of course, you may wish to restrict editing of certain documents to a limited few. That's easy to do, too.)

  • Pathagoras works with all versions of Word from 2003 forward. Pathagoras works with all documents and templates that Word can generate, i.e., .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, and .rtf files. You don't need to convert from .doc to.docx in order to enjoy the benefits of Pathagorras.

  • Pathagoras can be menu driven, but menus are entirely optional.

    • In the same way that Pathagoras generates its own 'intake sheets' (i.e., using just the setup on the face of the base document), it does the same with menus.

    • Bottom line -- no 'behind the scenes' coding to create menus.

  • The default settings with which Pathagoras installs are perfect for the beginner. No further setup is required. That way, the user can instantly begin 'Pathagorizing' documents and recalling them to the editing screen from the moment he or she sits down. See the Pathagoras No-Setup Guide.

    • Nevertheless, dozens of options and settings are readily available to the more adventuresome users.

    • Even the most novice use can make the document assembly experience highly personalized.

  • Pathagoras allows instant recall of documents straight from the editing screen. Just type the name of the document, press <Alt-G>. If the document you seek is in the 'hunt path', Pathagoras will find it and insert it. See this article for more on the 'hunt path.'

  • Technical support requests are responded to almost immediately. Your phone calls are answered live during normal business hours in almost all cases. If you leave a message, we generally respond to within minutes, NOT HOURS or DAYS. Emails, likewise, are responded to almost immediately. If you need us, we are there. See our 'Reviews and Kudos pages.