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Does Pathagoras offer a free 'reader' version of the program?

Views: 2324 Created: 04/20/2012 12:40 pm Last Updated: 08/30/2013 01:16 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

   Sorry, but no. Here's why. It is Pathagoras' ability to automate bracketed variables from whatever source (whether created by Pathagoras, manually created, already present in documents from other forms providers, etc.) that is the true 'intellectual property' that makes up the essence of Pathagoras. If we gave that away, we would be giving away the core of our product.

    While some will draw a parallel between this request and Adobe's Reader for .pdf files, it is not a precise analogy. Adobe's core is its ability to create the elaborate pdf files, with its bells and whistles that are exposed by the reader. The actual reading is somewhat ancillary.

    But in Pathagoras' world, anyone can (and many do) create documents with plain text brackets surrounding plain text words to create variables:  [Client Name], [Client Address]. It is Pathagoras' unique ability to do something 'constructive' with those variables, and to save the variable-to-values pairings into the Instant Database, that makes it unique. (Of course, Pathagoras does much more to deserve the accolades it has received, so this addresses only a narrow aspect of the program.)