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Can Pathagoras tell me if I don't have the proper markups in my source text?

Views: 4691 Created: 05/13/2012 05:40 am Last Updated: 08/30/2013 04:59 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

    It can! There are several tools which can help as you are Pathagorizing your documents. These tools can make sure that your variable and optional text markers are 'in balance' and that all appropriate 'signals' are in place.


    Some of the tools are automatic and operate behind the scenes. Others operate 'on demand.'


    Check out these two in particular:


  1. In the Pathagoras Features List (the dropdown list in the Pathagoras menu),  Wizards and Assistants sub-menu, look for the element "Paint Markers".  When clicked, Pathagoras will 'paint' (color) the various plain text boundary markers, multiple choice dividers and administrative text separators. This makes it much easier to identify the various markup elements and detect if any problems will arise when the document is processed. (Because of Pathagoras' plain text underpinnings, you can always see from the 'face' of the document how Pathagoras will behave.) Don't worry about these added colors affecting the final product. All markers (even the 'painted' ones) disappear at document assembly time.
  2. In the same Features List (Wizards & Assistants), look for "Structure Checker." When that line is clicked, Pathagoras will scan the on-screen document to see if brackets (for variables) and braces (for options, optional and repeat text) are in balance. If not, it will highlight where the first imbalance occurs. It then checks to see if the markups for your options, optional and repeat blocks comply with Pathagoras' structural requirements. If the structural requirements are not met, Pathagoras will either offer to fix the problem or to stop at the problem point in the document so that you can fix it yourself.