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Document disassembly: the 'best way' to save new text.

Views: 4232 Created: 08/12/2012 07:07 am Last Updated: 11/27/2013 09:57 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Actually, there is no 'best way.' It all depends upon a certain context. Here are several to consider:

  • Manually. If the text you want to save is simply the 'on-screen' document, you can just click Save or SaveAs and save it into the proper folder. Of course, this doesn't involve Pathagoras, but it does confirm that there is nothing 'special' about a Pathagoras document versus any other document.

  • If you want to disassemble text into a folder that has been assigned to a ''book," first highlight the text. (If you want to save the entire document, no highlighting is necessary. The next step depends upon how you want to use Pathagoras to help you to locate the proper folder.
  • Via the Libraries and Books screen

(1) Click the Document Assembly button,

(2) Click the book and

(3) Select the 'Save document to folder' option.

When you click Next, Pathagoras will open the folder. Just name the document and you are done.

  • Via a DropDown List

(1) Click the DropDown List representing the target folder

(2) Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the click "Save Text to Book" item.

A new screen will appear that will let you name the new document. Just follow the prompts. The next time you drop down the List, the new document will be there. (It is also in the target folder. You can test this by navigating to the folder and looking for the document you just saved.)

  • Via TermWorks:

(1)  Press Alt-G which will call up the TermWorks screen.

(2) Provide a name and (optionally) a subject .

(3) Select the location from the options shown.  (Typically you would choose one of the listed books, but you can 'free-form' navigate by pressing the 'SaveAs' option.)