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MICROSOFT WINDOWS UPGRADES - Link to Pathagoras patch.

Views: 3203 Created: 08/19/2012 11:10 am Last Updated: 01/26/2014 06:45 am 0 Rating/ Voters
    Microsoft periodically releases upgrades, fixes and patches to increase the safety and security of your computer. This is a good thing.

    Occasionally, however, those patches disable a specific .dll file upon which Pathagoras depends. The consequence of that is some rather scary messages will appear on your screen telling you of Pathagoras' altered (disabled) state.

    Indicators that the security fix was applied:

    1. Word  generates an error message something like "Compile Error in xxx module" when it loads Pathagoras or you try to run any Pathagoras function.

    2. You cannot save documents.

    So, if you were running P just fine BEFORE the upgrade and now it's not running at all (or hardly at all), follow the below steps:

  •     Owners: Close Word. Click on this link to download and install the patch.  Run it like a regular install.
  •     Demo users: Close Word. Click here to go to the main Pathagoras website. Click on any of the 90 day free trial downloads and install as before. 

    At the end of the process (which should take mere seconds), you should see a 'Congratulations' screen (as if you had fully installed Pathagoras).

    Contact us if any problems or failures to cure:
(866) Pathagoras (866-728-4246) tollfree