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Word 2007/2010 error: "Object library contains references to object definitions that cannot be found"

Views: 2383 Created: 08/19/2012 11:10 am Last Updated: 09/02/2013 03:50 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

    In some installations on Word2007/10 computers, the above message appears after Pathagoras is installed, but before it fully loads.

    This is most likely caused by an outdated version of a required file called MSCOMCTL,OCX.

    To repair,

  1. Navigate to the folder "c:\windows\system32"
  2. Locate the file called MSCOMCTL.OCX and add the extension .BAK to the name. It should read "MSCOMCTL.OCX.BAK". The ,BAK extension makes it un-runnable, but allows you to return to file if you should need to.
  3. Reinstall Pathagoras. The reinstall will place the latest version of MSCOMCTL.OCX in the system32 folder.
  4. That should be it!