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Compatability with . . .

Views: 2635 Created: 12/29/2012 08:52 am Last Updated: 09/02/2013 04:09 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Is Pathagoras compatible with:

Cloud Storage: Yes. It does not matter where you store your documents. Local is fine. Network is fine. Wide Area Network is fine. And so is the cloud, including DropBox. So long as you can point to it within Word, you can point to it with Pathagoras.

External Databases: Pathagoras can link directly with some and indirectly with all databases.

  • Direct connections can be made with Excel, Outlook and any .csv data file.
  • Indirect connections can be made to SQL and MySql databases (including Time Matters, Amicus Attorney and most other major players).
    • Every modern database can export to an Excel database. Knowing that, you can set up (and save for reuse) an export template that will create an Excel file of the fields you might want to use for document assembly (and not export those fields that are not document assembly related).
    • When you are ready for document assembly with Pathagoras, simply click on the Excel file (a permanent connection can be made) and the data comes in.
    • If the field names in the database don't match the field names in your documents, Pathagoras provides a 'pairing table' to make it easy to marry them up.

Caveat re: External Database connectivity. As attractive as having a connection to your external database may seem, and as attractive as 'enter your data only one time' sounds as something that will promote efficiency, 'real life' experience (as reported by our customers) is that you will not likely use this feature. Pathagoras Instant Database is just too easy to implement to go through the steps of linking it to an external data source. Read more here: